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rental Facility Amenities:


  • Access to facility 24/7

  • Provide all major equipment to make your photoshoot or makeup appointment successful 

  • Private Bridal Suite complete with all the luxuries of such an occasion. 

  • Open classroom/conference room for classes, meetings, etc 

  • Beautiful welcoming reception area to great your guests.

  • Wireless Internet 

  • Beautiful Restroom Facility & break room

  • Ability to run your makeup or photography business without the constant overhead

  • Located in Greenbrier's high traffic area 


**To reserve your makeup station or photography session click the "Book Today" button in the menu





1. How do I book a makeup station or photoshoot session?

You are required to have the following:

You can book online at If you need additional time or have questions please call us at 757-402-3011




2. What are the hours of operation?

7 days a week from 9am-8pm. Please call for hours outside of that time.



3. How much is the rental rate?

$100/day daily without a contract. 

$200-300/wk with contract depending on whether booth, or what size suite you require.



4. What if I am a hairstylist can I rent space as well?

Give us a call to set up a time to discuss your business needs. Then if we have an opening, complete your independent contractor or commission stylist application and return it to our manager. We will reserve your space of your choice up to 30 days after application approval and appropriate non refundable deposit being made.



*Call today to set an appointment so we can discuss how Shear Luxury Beauty Industries can open the door to your new beginning 757-402-3011











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