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Hair Removal Services




Sugar paste is made simply from sugar, lemon juice, and water. The paste is used at room temperature and is spread, or “molded”, onto the skin against the direction of hair growth.  The sugar seeps down into the hair follicle and wraps itself around the shaft of the hair.  When the sugar paste is flicked off in the direction of hair growth, the entire hair, including the bulb, slides out naturally in the direction it grows.  Complete removal of the entire hair is achieved because the sugar wraps around the whole hair down to the dermal papilla.



We use traditional hard wax with natural cleansing and moisturizing properties to remove the entire hair follicle from below the skin surface. Waxing is among the most effective methods of temporary hair removal.  If you have concerns about ingrown hairs, bumps, dark spots or discoloration please talk to your technician about scheduling one of our body facial services to treat those areas of concern. We have a variety of products and services to get your skin soft and healthy!

Sugaring Prices

Lip 12

Chin 20

Sideburns 15

Underarms 20

Full Arms 65

Half Arms 40

Full Legs 100

Half Legs 80

Chest 55

Stomach 40

Back 65

Half Back 40

Male Full Back 80

Buttocks 40

Bikini 45

Brazilian 65

Manzillian 80

Full Body 400

Waxing Prices

Scalp 35

Lip 12

Chin 14

Sideburns 15

Full Face 65

Underarms 25

Full Arms 55

Half Arms 30

Full Legs 75

Half Legs 45

Chest 55

Stomach 45

Back 65

Half Back 40

Male Full Back 80

Buttocks 55

Bikini 40

Deep Bikini 50

Brazilian 65

* 18 years of age and older only. Minors must have a consent form signed by  a parent before any services are performed

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